2011 Summer School on neurorehabilitation

Emerging technologies

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Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

CSIC is the largest public multidisciplinary research organisation in Spain. The Bioengineering Group CSIC has long term expertise in managing human-machine interaction, HMI (a basic element in MNP and NR devices for restoring physical impairment). In cognitive HMI, CSIC has particular expertise in algorithms for processing bioelectrical activity (EEG, EMG) and biomechanical information (IMUs). In the area of physical HMI, CSIC has developed several functional compensation systems (tremor, gait support, assistance to CP kids) based on robot-human interaction.

Prof. José Luis Pons
Dr. Eduardo Rocon
Mrs. Pilar Raya
Bioengineering group
Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC)

Universidad de Zaragoza

UniZar is a public University. The Robotics Group of the Aragon Institute of Engineering Research has long term expertise in Robotics, perception systems (in particular computer vision) and real-time systems. UNIZAR The group has contributed with relevant results in control of the motion of manipulator and mobile robots, in particular control models based on virtual mechanical structures and compliance controllers; in brain-machine interfaces, in particular oriented to brain-actuated wheelchair and mobile robots; and has developed a neuroprosthesis for humans, with non invasive methods (surface electrodes), as the main results closely retated to the current proposal.

Dr. Javier Minguez
Department of Computer Science and System Engineering (DIIS)
University of Zaragoza