2011 Summer school on neurOrehabilitation

Emerging technologies

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2011 Summer school on neurorehabilitation will include three workshops to provide hands-on experience with brain machine interface, neural rehabilitation, motor control and modeling. The workshop should focus on one specific task or problem that needs to be solved during the workshop. The workshops defined are:

Development of a BCI system (more information)

This workshop will allow students from engineering and clinical areas to understand the principles of this technology, to use the most widely spread techniques to decode the human intention from brain oscillations, to use of the technology in real applications for control of devices, and to plan and execute real clinical interventions for neurorehabilitation. Two companies focused on BCI’s will participate in the workshop demonstrating the technology covering the four major axes: hardware, software, development of engineering, and clinical practice. The students will participate actively along the workshop and will be invited to join the live demonstrations.

Design and test a FES system (more information)

Modeling and Simulation of Human Movement (more information)