2011 Summer school on neurorehabilitation

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2011 Summer School on Neurorehabilitation will be held in Salamanca, Spain, Sept 18 - 23, 2011. The theme of the conference is "Emerging technologies" and the main topics will be:
- How can emerging technologies help in medicine?
- Understanding rehabilitation robotics and its goals

2011 Summer School on Neurorehabilitation will also include three workshops to provide hands-on experience with brain machine interface, neural rehabilitation, motor control and modeling. The workshop should focus on one specific task or problem that needs to be solved during the workshop. The workshops defined are: 1) design and test a BCI system, 2) design and evaluate a FES system, and 3) Develop an upper limb model based on OpenSim and simulate it with Simulink. The students will work in groups of 4-5 students and prepare a presentation on their work.

Salamanca is known in the whole world for its artistic richness: cathedrals, palaces, churches of artistic styles such as romanesque, gothic, plateresque y barroque. Salamanca was the European City of Culture in 2002. The tourism is Salamanca is complemented by its original gastronomy and its popular festivities. Salamanca has a lot of charming villages with a lot of history.

La Alberca is one of the most picturesque villages of the province. The urban centre has been declared a World Heritage Historical and Artistic Site since 1940. Its name derives from the arabic Al-Bereka wich means small lake or pond. It is also said that it was called Valdelaguna (laguna valley), perhaps because of the abundancy of water that there is in the area. Its streets are narrow with cobblestone and the houses preserve the typical wooden Tudor architecture.

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